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Please Note

To book our services you must meet the following Prerequisites:

•Positive attitude

•Patience & Understanding

•Trust in your planner

•Minimum budget of $2999 for planning/ decor

Once you’ve established that you meet the prerequisites. Fill out an inquiry form and Schedule a Consultation call. Consultation calls are $50 for 15minutes. Calls cannot exceed the 15mins that’s scheduled. This $50 investment will go towards your event only when you decide to book. To be fair to your planner and other potential clients we will respect each others time. Please prepare for the call by having a questionnaire/checklist handy. Any question you may have for your planner can be asked at this time. Things to know are guest count, max budget & event time frame. We’re ok with you not having a color scheme or theme in mind. If this is you just tell your planner that you trust them with full creative control ☺️. (We got you!)

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